Launches / Exhibitions / Openings

We design and deliver product launches, exhibitions and company events tailored to your specific brand and business requirements. Stoke Ripley has produced hundreds of events and has the experience to ensure yours is a huge success.

Product Launches

You know it’s essential to make a big impression when you bring a new product to market. We’ll work with you every step of the way, using our creativity, technical expertise and expertise in strategic planning.

There are a host of factors to consider and we’ll help you to find the right venue, install the technology you need and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

We can design your invitations, create VIP and guest lists and put in the hours of research and planning that ensure a successful launch and the best possible start for your new product.


This is a chance for us to mix creativity with commercial awareness to deliver an experience with an impact that exceeds expectations for you and your customers.

We work with you to understand your commercial goals, before coming up with initial plan layouts, 3D versions and walkthroughs of your stand and hospitality areas.

We work with partners to build your stand, liaise with the venue and ensure everything is in order so that all you have to do is turn up and sell. We’ll make sure you bring your brand to life in a way mere printed communications never can.

Store Openings

Providing a remarkable experience for customers is critical to the success of an opening, especially in an age when they can shop online and on mobile.

The challenge is to deliver in-store experiences that can’t be had merely by tapping on a phone. The right event can draw people into your site, raise awareness and generate sales.

Creating an unforgettable experience is a challenge but the value of a unique experience is more important than ever. Our team can manage every aspect of an opening, from invitations and promotion through to security, PR and celebrity engagements.

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