Packaging Design / On-Pack Promotions / POS

The packaging of your product has to be eye-catching and encourage customer interest. Our experienced creative team thrives on the challenge of coming up with packaging that is consistent with your brand and makes a great visual impact.

Packaging Design

The success of your brand can depend on your packaging standing out in a crowded market place and communicating key messages quickly and powerfully.

Consumers have more choice than ever and decide to buy within seconds of seeing a product.

We can develop packaging for new brands and revitalise existing ones. Our expertise in B2B and B2C packaging means we can help you cut through the noise and be noticed, while giving your clientele confidence in your product.

We have broad experience in the field, having delivered packaging for products as diverse as toys, jewellery and drinks.

On-Pack Promotions

This is a great way of standing out from the competition and is widely used by retailers. The best promotions encourage a purchase and build loyalty and strengthen a brand’s image.

To do this, you need to understand your audience’s likes, interest, problems and routines – and our knowledge of the sector enables us to establish that all-important emotional connection.

We can help you drive innovation in your packaging and promotions, while updating packaging quickly and economically. This is a task we have fulfilled for toy and drinks manufacturers, among others.

Structural & Point of Sale (POS)

Brands all over the world use displays to increase visibility in supermarket aisles or on counters for a wide range of products.

Stoke Ripley has produced a host of unique counter POS dispensers and free-standing units, all of which successfully caught the customer’s eye and helped to drive a purchase.

It’s not only printed POS materials; digital promotions are now becoming more widespread and we can help you produce touch-screen menus, rotating screen advertising and more.

We can create effective promotional graphics and the original digital artwork, delivered to the size and specification you need.

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