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Are you looking for interior design expertise? Maybe for a reception area, your office, or the look of a new hotel or restaurant? Stoke Ripley has loads of experience in designing interiors all over the world and we relish the challenge of coming up with new ideas for you.

Corporate & Office

In today’s fast-moving and ever-changing business climate, workplace design goes beyond simply the creation of a beautiful space.

Design is an essential tool in the process of aligning the people, culture, processes and technology with the goals of an organisation.

We have the experience to deliver ingenious, eco-friendly solutions that create a lasting impact on our clients’ teams, business and brands – an impact that will remain for generations to come.

Our designers have worked with a wide range of businesses, adding to a body of research and knowledge that provides our clients with superb insights and results.

Restaurants & Hotels

We have the expertise to deliver spaces that meet the needs of all their users. Whether you want a design for a fast-food pop-up facility or a 50-seat restaurant, we have the insight and knowledge to create and deliver a brief that works for you.

Every step of the process – site visits and consultations, branding, mood boards, space planning, 3D visuals and walkthroughs – can be handled by us.

This also includes materials, sourcing, styling and project management. There are no restrictions on Stoke Ripley. Ours is a total service that will help you to stand out from the competition.


Collaboration is at the heart of the creative process at Stoke Ripley. However you want to use your retail premises, we’ll work closely with you so that we understand your aims and challenges.

We dig deep to identify the most important aspects of your brief and work them into the core of your retail design – then we throw all our energy into increasing the commercial value of your chosen locations.

Our work is tailored to your business so that, whatever the purpose of your premises is, our design will deliver it in the best way possible.

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