How do we create Social Media Content for clients?

No services or products fit with in a one size fits all box. We’d never take that approach to marketing you or your business. The most important thing is for us to fully submerse ourselves within your product and brand. We need to live and breathe it, see why you’re so passionate about it and let that enthusiasm become infectious; to really understand your brand and create your perfect tailored content strategy we entirely need to get under its skin. With this hands on approach we’ll learn who needs it and more importantly wants it and then we’ll focus on getting them to buy it. You can’t sell snow to an Eskimo. Social media marketing is the same.


We base our content strategy on your potential buyers. We’re not going to divulge all the tricks of our trade but it starts at the grass roots i.e. What time they are likely to be online, it’s no good marketing a business product on twitter at 10am for example as hopefully the consumers who are in the market for your product will be head down at work. It’s the little things like this that need consideration.


We usually try to come to your location with our photographers and take plenty of images and videos to use within the campaign, if this is not an option and you are a start-up we can will also create content that is engaging, entertaining, original and reflective of your brand. We optimise our strategy for each different marketing channel. We like to work in a transparent way with all our clients and we have our own in-house cloud portal that we can all access, so we can work collaboratively and you’ll be able to view the images and content we plan on using for your campaign.

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