Why use landing pages?

Landing pages are a great way to lower your costs in acquiring new sales and leads. A page can essentially be set up for each product or service that your customer is in the market for. They won’t need to navigate through a sometimes extensive or confusing website and they can land exactly where you want them to. Customers are often lost before even getting to this stage as they don’t have the patience to click through more than one or two pages and will often just leave altogether. 

You as a business can also track the footfall to each separate page and ultimately each product/offering and place a tempting call to action ensuring you can collect the customers contact details. Along with saving the costs of having to update an entire website. If the page is linked to a social media advertising campaign then the potential customers that do not initially leave their details can be re-targeted at a later date with a sweetener offer. A click is never lost.

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